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CKH 1871 CKH 1929CKH 1970-80 JOHN MORGAN first held the license for the Hotel in 1871. After John's death in 1880, his wife, MARGARET (ALICE) KELLY who was known as Alice, held the license until her death in 1904.  In 1880 she would have been around 46 years old. The license then passed to her son JOHN FELIX MORGAN then aged 34. John tragically drowned in a water tank at the hotel in 1907. The Hotel then passed to his wife MARGARET MORGAN NEE O'MEARA.  Margaret was licensee in 1917 when she was prosecuted for opening the Hotel door in prohibited hours. 

On the 5th February 1929 the CrossKeys was demolished and rebuilt (2nd Image). It was stated that the cost of reconstructing the building would amount to £8,000 and that the work would be completed in October. Margaret died in 1937. 

The last image is the Cross Keys Hotel in the 70s-80s

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